Painless CT scan for people with heart diseases

CT known as Computed tomography is a diagnostic medical test that produces images of the inside of the body, just like traditional x-rays. These scan reports help your doctor to detect your health problem and to provide you with the best medication. CT images include images of bones, internal organs, soft tissues and blood vessels and give detailed information about them. The technology used in this scan can also generate 3D images which can be printed on a film or can be viewed on a computer. A safe amount of radiations are used by this CT scan and it is painless imaging test with no stress on the patient. As most of the people in the present world are affected by heart problems, Cardiac ct scan is used widely in the medical field to view heart and blood vessels. This CT scan of the heart is sometimes called as coronary CT angiogram if the scan is done to view the arteries that bring blood to the heart. It is also called as coronary calcium scan if the scan is done on the purpose to determine whether there is a buildup of calcium in your heart or not. During this test, for a heart check up, a specialised dye will be injected into the person’s bloodstream and this dye is viewed with a special camera in a testing lab or hospital.

Generally, a doctor prescribes the patient to undergo Cardiac ct scan to look out and to check certain conditions that include injury to the heart’s primary valves, birth defects in the heart, buildup of lipid plaque that sometimes blocks coronary arteries in the human body, tumors in the heart and a few more. This heart check up test is generally prescribed to the people who experience heart problems, since this scan allows the doctor to clearly get the information about the structure of the heart and also about the adjacent blood vessels without making any incisions. During this scan, you should lie on a special scanning table. The technologist will clean any three small areas on your chest and will place little, sticky electrode patches at these three places. These patches are attached to an EKG (electrocardiograph) monitor, which charts heart’s electrical activity.

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