Welcome to Our New Medical Imaging Practice!

After careful planning we have finally established our Medical Imaging practice in Lakemba, Sydney. 

With full medicare available and no out of pocket expenses for customers, services on offer include X-ray (radiograph) – using extremely low dose radiation to create 2D pictures of bones and other internal tissues such as your lungs and other organs; Ultrasound – this scan uses high frequency sound waves to create pictures of soft tissues and organs inside the body (safe because it doesn’t use radiation and is often used for monitoring the growing child in pregnancy); CT – stands for Computerised Tomography and can also be called a ‘CAT’ scan which rotates around the body to obtain images from different angles; Interventional Radiology – this is when the specialist treats various conditions using a CT scanner or ultrasound machine; Dental X-rays; and Cardiac CT scans which records pictures of your heart. 

If you have any inquiries please do no hesitate to contact us and our friendly team will respond with pleasure.